Monday, August 3, 2009

A Week of Firsts!

The week of July 13-19 was full of new things for Addison (and Mommy too).

July 13th was Addison's first night in her crib...meaning all the way down the hall, in her own little room, in this huge bed, and not in the bassinet next to me, so sad! I remember being so antsy to move her out of room since it seemed I would never be able to sleep with all her little sleeptime noises and the anxiety of checking on her every few minutes. Amazing how things change, not only can I sleep through it all but I've been dreading this change! Every bit of me wants to hold on to her "newborn" stage as long as possible. I really do dread her growing up... I feel that I've missed some of this time because of my hectic schedule...I haven't even started her baby book! I did put off the inevitable crib move as long as possible..poor girl was hitting both ends of the bassinet! She did great though! And she loves her butterfly mobile. The second night it actually appeared that she was "begging" for it...look at the mobile, look at Mommy, back to the mobile, back to Mommy, etc... I obliged. :)

July 16th was another big first for Addison... She got her ears pierced!! My mom and sisters all were there to support her and provided excellent video and photos. I strategically put her on my lap so she couldn't see me when she was poked...I do the same thing with shots. What a trooper she was, though I felt so bad doing it to her! It did take a second for the pain to sink it apparently. She gave us her shocked, sad cry a few moments after the first ear and it continued through the second ear and the cleanings. Oh and big tears were rolling down her cheeks too, I got shocked up. However, once we held her and told her how beautiful she looked she must have agreed as she quickly quieted down. I tell people that she already knows "there's a price for beauty". And now there is no mistaking that she is a girl! Isn't she a doll?

July 19th, Addison finally makes it into the pool! I don't know why it has taken so long to put her in, but we finally waited for the sun to go down and let her try it out. Yes I'm a fanatic when it comes to Addison's skin getting any tanner! On the way out to the pool my sister pointed out that Addie's bottoms were a little revealing! :) It struck us as funny as you can tell from the pictures. Daddy did the pool honors. Addie was a bit hesitant at first but boy did she warm up! Wow she surprised me with her first splash...right in my face during a picture! It was all over after that, she was soaking by the end! I think she was impressed with the huge bathtub. We did get more surprised expressions than smiles though. It seems that every time she splashed her face she was wondering "where did that come from?!" But she was a regular little swimmer kicking her legs and smiling while Daddy pulled her across the water. That would be coming from Matt's genes... You don't swim in Eureka. :)

What fun Matt and I have with Addison! I don't think either of us knew how exciting it would be to show our daughter new things. It definitely brings out the child in you too!


  1. Too cute!!! I love your little Addison:) And my Linzi thinks she's pretty cool too! And of course Lexi:) Can't wait to see you at our "5 month" date!!!! We need to schedule soon:)

  2. Love it! She is such a doll, and I think she looks just like Matt, but with darker coloring. She actually reminds me of Bella at that age! I guess we gave our girls some nice olive skin, right?! :-)
    Miss you guys and can't wait to see you.

    XOXO Bri