Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild Sleeper!

I found this picture as I am currently [FINALLY] downloading pictures off of my memory card and had to say something about it. So Addison had never slept in bed with us, not once. We didn't want to get her in a habit or have her be confused about when it's ok, so nope. Well...I've been getting kinda soft lately (well in Dec anyway)...I mean she never snuggles and sometimes the thought of snuggling in bed in the morning sounds very mom-like and appealing. Just so happens Matt is out of town and Addison wakes up in the middle of the night from a bad dream - okay, I'm going to do it. Um. I had the WORST possible night of sleep I've ever had! No seriously. It was awful. I kept getting kicked and punched until I was scooched over to the very edge of the bed (wide-eyed I might ad). This was not the snuggly, bonding moment I had envisioned at all! That's when I called it quits [and took this picture]. Crazy girl! How did you end up with your feet up and your toosh against the headboard?? Ah, maybe the next one will be a snuggler. For now, to each their own..BED! ;)
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