Monday, July 13, 2009

July 10-12, San Francisco Weekend Trip

Okay this blogging thing takes way more time than I thought! :) So I'll just catch up on posts as I have the time.

Well Matt finally had a Saturday off this past weekend so we last minute planned a trip to the City. Of course we had to do all the touristy stuff since it was "Addison's First Time"! Matt was getting sick of that line by day 2, but he went along with it. I know she's not old enough but it was so fun "showing" her the sights. "We" had clam chowder on Fisherman's Wharf, then she rode the carousal on Pier 39 and took a look at Alcatraz. Then of course she had to see Union Square, though shopping with a baby is way more difficult. And you'd think Matt sees enough baseball with 79 games a year, but we still made it to the Giants' game for Saturday's game. Matt wouldn't allow any Giants apparel on Addison being a staunch Dodger fan, but I did insist on an obnoxious orange bow at least! It was great! I got comments on it and her all night! What a trooper she was, she mostly sat on Dad's lap and "watched" the game. Well maybe she was a little more interested in her fingers but she was happy - even when getting rained on for an inning! On Sunday we attempted a trip to Golden Gate Park but apparently we picked the day of a breast cancer walk and it was packed. By the time we found a parking spot and got it we only had time for a bagpipe concert while I was feeding Addison and then trip to the Japanese Tea Garden. All in all just a nice trip away enjoying each other and our little girl. Here some pics of the trip highlights!

Fisherman's Wharf
Alcatraz view
Addison's first carousal ride at Pier 39
Our adorable little girl at Union Square
Addison and Daddy, I just thought this pic was adorable!
Giants' game...obviously :)Addison "watching" the game. Wow was the orange headband really this bright?With the rain her headband got traded in for a hat.Our family at the Japanese Tea GardenAddie excited about something!