Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween, part 2

So apparently I was so proud of myself after my latest post that I forgot to continue it! Here's the rest of Halloween pics. What a fun first Halloween, we're going to have fun with this as she gets older. We not only had two church Harvest parties that we attended, but Matt and I crashed 3 Halloween parties! We were feeling pretty cool...though I know for sure we were both the oldest at one of them!! Here's some more pics from our festivities:

Rolling the Ricky Bobby again, Heidi (for our Oktoberfest themed party), and 49r Cheerleader (I made the huge bow)
Pirate and Pitcher at another party
"Ugh, the straw tastes awful!"
At Capital's Family Fun Fair
Her Waters side Aunts & Uncles...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Festivities, part 1

Wow has it really been 3 months since I've done a post?!! I think I've found that I enjoy reading blogs better than writing them!

But I had to put something up about our Halloween festivities... I mean who wouldn't want to see my adorable baby dressed up as a puppy (in a tutu) or a 49rs cheerleader?? Oh wait, they're already on Facebook... Well ok, for my grandparents and one friend who's not on FB, here you go! :)

The Sunday before Halloween we went to First Covenant's Harvest Carnival to meet up with the Thomas side of the family and friends:

Mommy and "Rebekah accessorized" Puppy!

She even has pink sparkly shoes!! Yep,she's my daughter!
Grandma Thomas and Puppy Addison
Puppy Addison with her Cousins! Belle Amy, Ballerina Princess Alli, and Bunny Aubrey minus the hot bunny costume!

Aunt Susie with serious Addison... She takes awhile to warm up...
Addison and her boyfriend, Lion Wesley :)

Wesley and Addison with their pretty Mommy's!

"Where's Baby Addison?" Flamenco Dancer Haylie asks...

And here's good looking Dragon James, not so "Baby James" anymore...
Last weekend's Halloween fun to be continued...once I download my pics! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Week of Firsts!

The week of July 13-19 was full of new things for Addison (and Mommy too).

July 13th was Addison's first night in her crib...meaning all the way down the hall, in her own little room, in this huge bed, and not in the bassinet next to me, so sad! I remember being so antsy to move her out of room since it seemed I would never be able to sleep with all her little sleeptime noises and the anxiety of checking on her every few minutes. Amazing how things change, not only can I sleep through it all but I've been dreading this change! Every bit of me wants to hold on to her "newborn" stage as long as possible. I really do dread her growing up... I feel that I've missed some of this time because of my hectic schedule...I haven't even started her baby book! I did put off the inevitable crib move as long as possible..poor girl was hitting both ends of the bassinet! She did great though! And she loves her butterfly mobile. The second night it actually appeared that she was "begging" for it...look at the mobile, look at Mommy, back to the mobile, back to Mommy, etc... I obliged. :)

July 16th was another big first for Addison... She got her ears pierced!! My mom and sisters all were there to support her and provided excellent video and photos. I strategically put her on my lap so she couldn't see me when she was poked...I do the same thing with shots. What a trooper she was, though I felt so bad doing it to her! It did take a second for the pain to sink it apparently. She gave us her shocked, sad cry a few moments after the first ear and it continued through the second ear and the cleanings. Oh and big tears were rolling down her cheeks too, I got shocked up. However, once we held her and told her how beautiful she looked she must have agreed as she quickly quieted down. I tell people that she already knows "there's a price for beauty". And now there is no mistaking that she is a girl! Isn't she a doll?

July 19th, Addison finally makes it into the pool! I don't know why it has taken so long to put her in, but we finally waited for the sun to go down and let her try it out. Yes I'm a fanatic when it comes to Addison's skin getting any tanner! On the way out to the pool my sister pointed out that Addie's bottoms were a little revealing! :) It struck us as funny as you can tell from the pictures. Daddy did the pool honors. Addie was a bit hesitant at first but boy did she warm up! Wow she surprised me with her first splash...right in my face during a picture! It was all over after that, she was soaking by the end! I think she was impressed with the huge bathtub. We did get more surprised expressions than smiles though. It seems that every time she splashed her face she was wondering "where did that come from?!" But she was a regular little swimmer kicking her legs and smiling while Daddy pulled her across the water. That would be coming from Matt's genes... You don't swim in Eureka. :)

What fun Matt and I have with Addison! I don't think either of us knew how exciting it would be to show our daughter new things. It definitely brings out the child in you too!

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 10-12, San Francisco Weekend Trip

Okay this blogging thing takes way more time than I thought! :) So I'll just catch up on posts as I have the time.

Well Matt finally had a Saturday off this past weekend so we last minute planned a trip to the City. Of course we had to do all the touristy stuff since it was "Addison's First Time"! Matt was getting sick of that line by day 2, but he went along with it. I know she's not old enough but it was so fun "showing" her the sights. "We" had clam chowder on Fisherman's Wharf, then she rode the carousal on Pier 39 and took a look at Alcatraz. Then of course she had to see Union Square, though shopping with a baby is way more difficult. And you'd think Matt sees enough baseball with 79 games a year, but we still made it to the Giants' game for Saturday's game. Matt wouldn't allow any Giants apparel on Addison being a staunch Dodger fan, but I did insist on an obnoxious orange bow at least! It was great! I got comments on it and her all night! What a trooper she was, she mostly sat on Dad's lap and "watched" the game. Well maybe she was a little more interested in her fingers but she was happy - even when getting rained on for an inning! On Sunday we attempted a trip to Golden Gate Park but apparently we picked the day of a breast cancer walk and it was packed. By the time we found a parking spot and got it we only had time for a bagpipe concert while I was feeding Addison and then trip to the Japanese Tea Garden. All in all just a nice trip away enjoying each other and our little girl. Here some pics of the trip highlights!

Fisherman's Wharf
Alcatraz view
Addison's first carousal ride at Pier 39
Our adorable little girl at Union Square
Addison and Daddy, I just thought this pic was adorable!
Giants' game...obviously :)Addison "watching" the game. Wow was the orange headband really this bright?With the rain her headband got traded in for a hat.Our family at the Japanese Tea GardenAddie excited about something!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome home Addison!!

March 7th - My family was so sweet and made Addison's homecoming very special...and obvious to the entire neighborhood!!Yes my family made t-shirts that said "Welcome Baby Thomas" and wore them faithfully at the hospital and at Addison's Homecoming party! Great-Grandma Waters had to jump in on the action, or the picture at least.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hospital life

With my slow recovery from the c-section, Matt and Addison had plenty of daddy-daughter time! :)

Wow we just fell in love with Addison instantly! She was so beautiful right from the beginning, with her cute little red round face and bright alert eyes!

March 4, 2009 Addison introductions

I'm still catching up on blog posts. :)

Addison's first meetings....
Sweet friends and family who visited Addison at the hospital.

Proud Nana and Grandpa, first time grandparents!!

Matt's parents...seasoned Grandma Nita and Grandpa Mike

Rob, Danielle and Isaiah....Davin and Rebekah

Natalie and little Wesley......Matt's brother, Uncle Kevin

Sandy, then the rest of the girls, Megan, Nicole and Bethany, the kiddos were hiding :)

We loved having visitors and showing little Addison off! :)