Thursday, April 23, 2009

Addison has arrived!

Well I said that I would start a blog once I became a mom and had something to write about! Well the time has come! Addison Brielle Thomas made her grand entrance on Wednesday, March 4th at 2:54am. She was delivered via c-section after 25 hours of labor that would not progress. Her heart rate kept dropping at the doctor's attempts to move labor along. When her heart rate dropped from the 130's to the 70's with simply a minor change in my sleeping position and they found I was only 4cm after being at the hospital for 20 hours, they finally convinced me that a c-section was the best option. Looking back wish I had done it sooner when they first recommended it! Matt saw them pulling her out and gleefully announced "ten fingers, ten toes", then "...and a lot of dark hair"! Matt and Addison left for the newborn procedures and I joined them 30 min later. She was beautiful! Olive complexion and dark hair just like her mom! A bit of a surprise to me, but she is just beautiful and is making her mom and great-nana proud.