Monday, September 12, 2011

Addison, "Dingey" and River Cats fun!

We definitely took advantage of Matt's job at the River Cat's this summer! I went to more games this season than the last 5 years combined (and that's saying something)! Well the difference this year is a certain 2 year old who is currently attached to her daddy and at any moment may insist on "We go River Cats game and see Daddy? That good idea?!" I mean who could resist that?? Or Matt's sweet boss who insists on buying us dinner? :) And of course Daddy loves showing off his little girl.

This is also the first year she has acknowledged Dinger, the mascot. It took her till last Saturday's game to finally want to meet him. So we stood in line and got our autograph then I stood her in front of him to get a picture... Oh my, the kind of cry that breaks your heart! I hope this isn't what I have to look forward to at Disneyland next month! So Mom ended up getting a picture with 'Dingey' after all. :)

Well a lot of fun this year at the stadium! Addison loves her pink River Cats bat and ball set and loved having her friends come out with her. Oh and she has created quite a stir with her amazingly good dance moves out on the concourse!! So if you're out there next year look for us - I'm sure we'll be there! :)